Why over complicate things

We exist for a purpose

Church has a long history of overcomplicating things.  Overwhelming programs, extravagant performances, a laundry list of groups and gatherings, over the top services.  The problem is the church often forgets JESUS IS ENOUGH!  Jesus wants to encounter people and offer them the life changing gift of salvation and relationship with Him.  When a church focuses on this main desire of God's heart there will be vibrant life in the church.

  • the mission

    The local church is part of God's plan to bring people into a right relationship with him.  He chooses to use the church to express His saving grace to all people. It's simple really, God Loves us and wants us to live in relationship with Him and community with each other.

  • The why

    God desires for all to be saved and know the truth of His love for them (1 Tim 2:4).  It is that singular focus and effort that the local church exists.  Mosaic strives to creatively and effectively fulfill this desire of God's.

  • the how

    By placing high value on each individual and their journey to know and thrive in Christ we offer many opportunities to experience the love of Christ such as Worship, Bible study, Fellowship and Service.

there are no strangers at Mosaic

plan your visit

Are you thinking of attending MCC for the first time?  Maybe you have come a few times but are looking for a deeper connection.  Perhaps you haven't been in church in a long time and are worried about what it will be like.  We get it!  Finding your place can be hard.  From the moment you enter MCC you will be warmly greeted (not smothered).  We have people who would love to introduce you around and help you find a place to belong.  If you would like to let us know your coming CLICK HERE and we will be ready to meet you on your first visit!  You will leave MCC with MANY new friends!

Mosaic's Origin Story

Mosaic Community Church began from a small group of people that were eager to see what God would do with a new church in Dawson County.  Hungry for a way of doing church that was dedicated to scripture and to the people of Dawson County, this group decided to step out in faith and follow God's leadership in starting Mosaic.  Not long after that first meeting Mosaic's mission statement was born: Calling, Equipping and Mobilizing disciples for the cause of Christ.  It was evident from early on that Mosaic would place a high value on each person because every person matters to God.  Mosaic Community Church is still in its infancy but we are growing in strength, stature, and influence every day.  If you are looking for a family of believers that is dedicated to being a church that matters to their people and to their community we invite you to join us in any of our activities.