Mosaic's Origin Story

Mosaic Community Church began from a small group of people that were eager to see what God would do with a new church in Dawson County.  Hungry for a way of doing church that was dedicated to scripture and to the people of Dawson County, this group decided to step out in faith and follow God's leadership in starting Mosaic.  Not long after that first meeting Mosaic's mission statement was born: Calling, Equipping and Mobilizing disciples for the cause of Christ.  It was evident from early on that Mosaic would place a high value on each person because every person matters to God.  Mosaic Community Church is still in its infancy but we are growing in strength, stature, and influence every day.  If you are looking for a family of believers that is dedicated to being a church that matters to their people and to their community we invite you to join us in any of our activities.


Mosaic operates by its people.  MCC members serve their church and their community by discovering their gifts and serving God's mission.  They are the way that Mosaic works.  Also, God has entrusted specific oversight in the leadership of Mosaic through staff and through elders.  These leaders are entrusted to guard and oversee the mission and ministries of Mosaic, guiding it to be on mission and bring honor to Christ who is the head of the church. 

  • Kirk Tidwell - Elder

    Kirk has been with Mosaic since the beginning.  Kirk is excited to help Mosaic reach Dawson County for Jesus.  Kirk is a cautious and wise leader and a great asset to MCC.

  • Brandon Smith - Director of Missions and Outreach

    Living a life of service to my fellow man is the was I feel lead to live. Having lived through many tribulations has left me with a true heart of compassion for the down trodden.  It's my credo, "I'm here to love my family, help my friends, serve my community, change my world while actively seeking opportunities to our Christ's love into anyone that is open to accept it."  

  • Timothy Drew - Director of Worship Arts

    Timothy grew up in Plainview, Texas and graduated from Wayland Baptist University with a degree in Math Education and a minor in Music. His vision and heart for his life is to serve the Lord through the church by being a part of the ministry of God. He is eager to fulfill this through Mosaic and sincerely desires to see Lamesa come to know the love of the God. 

  • Rondy Ferguson - Elder

    A founding member of Mosaic Community Church Rondy has a heart to see the church be true to her calling and effectively reach the people of Dawson County.

  • Todd Howard - Elder

    Todd is one of the founding members of Mosaic Community Church.  God has given him a passion for the church and to see her be all that she can be.  

  • Harris Has been with Mosaic since the beginning.  He has a wonderful family, his wife, Andrea his daughter Aisley, and his son Silas.  Harris has been serving in ministry for over 17 years.  He is an avid Texas Tech football fan and a fierce fantasy football player.  Harris has absolutely no musical talent but he makes up for it with enthusiasm.  Harris' heart is for the people of Dawson County.  He is passionate for communicating and showing the love of Christ in every possible way.

  • Jonathan Davis - Elder and Youth Ministry Director

    Jonathan has been a part of Mosaic Community Church for years.  WIth his servants heart and dedication to the Lord he serves in many capacities at MCC.