Life is hard...

It's better together

At Mosaic we believe that one of the most important aspects of your faith is the time you spend in community with others while doing life together. Community is something that we were made for... It is part of us.  God created man to be in community with Him and each other.  We all have struggles and problems as well as joys and triumphs.  These normal aspects in life are deeper and richer when experienced in community with other believers. 

Sunday Morning Worship Gathering

Each week we gather together in a time of worship through music and the preaching of Scripture.  In this time with are renewed in our faith and encouraged to be the the disciples God has called us to be.  Each week we aim to equip and encourage individuals in their faith journey to discover God's purpose for their lives.  You will find a mixture of upbeat, fun, and worshipful music and Preaching that will encourage and renew you.  Come find out what makes Mosaic Unique.


"NEXT"   is a ministry of discipleship training and Bible study the meets immediately following our Sunday worship gatherings.  Many people leave a worship gathering asking the question, "What's Next?"  This time is dedicated to equipping people for the life of a dedicated follower of Jesus.  Classes are always changing throughout the year.  Join us after worship for NEXT and discover what's next.  

3 week bible studies

Throughout the year we offer in-depth Bible studies designed to address important aspects of the Christian life.  The studies last for 3 weeks at a time and focus on portions of scripture, characters of the Bible, or how Scripture addresses topics that are import for modern Christian living.  

  • Missions and Outreach

    MCC is focused on having a real and tangible impact on our community, state, nation, and world.  We offer various opportunities to serve in missions and outreach to express the love of our God to the world.  

  • Mosaic Kidz

    Mosaic Community Church is passionate about their children, and their walk with Jesus Christ. At MCC we are calling kids to discover an authentic walk Christ by investing in their faith. As a church we stay grounded in discipleship, by equipping parents to be the primary faith influencers of their children. We desire to mobilize kids by letting them see genuine community work together for one goal, making Christ and his redeeming grace famous.

  • Student Ministries

    Mosaic Student Ministries seeks to deliver real students, who face real problems, in a real world, with the life-saving message of the real gospel of Jesus.  Providing a safe place for teenagers to experience Jesus and learn to live for Him is highest priority.