Mosaic's Core Values

Accepting, Gracious

At MCC we know people matter to God and therefore they matter to us. We strive to create a community that values diversity. We do not view ourselves as special or elite. Everyone is welcome to participate in the ministries of MCC and will be welcomed graciously.

Active in Faith

At MCC our faith is something that is done, not idle belief. We believe that God has called His church to be His hands and feet here on earth. We strive to be constantly engaging the world with our faith, participating in God’s redemptive plan.


MCC orients its ministries to care and love of people. Because we know people matter to God we believe they need the care and attention of a loving and friendly church community. We express through all our ministries that EVERYBODY matters.


MCC is a church that wants to meet you where you are. People struggle with real life issues and MCC does not shy away from those issues. MCC gives direct and specific attention to current events and real life issues that help us become better followers of Jesus everyday.  

Open, Honest, Transparent

We believe that church shouldn't be a place of secrets. MCC will be open and honest with its membership about its money, ministries, staff, leadership, struggles and its triumphs. All church leadership and church ministries will be open, honest and transparent in an effort to avoid divisions in the church body.

Committed to the Pursuit of Discipleship

At MCC we value the pursuit of discipleship as a core value and strive to instill this value in all of the people we minister to. We see discipleship as essential to each believer and we will make every effort to provide training, resources, and leadership in this area of ministry.  


MCC believes that God calls his church and His people to a strive for excellence. We do not believe there is any perfect church or any perfect person outside of Jesus Christ, but we do believe that such an amazing God calls is to pursue excellence in everything we do. At MCC we demonstrate this by not ever attempting anything half-hearted. If we believe God has called us to a certain action we will make every effort to see that it is done as well as it can be.

Authority of Scripture

MCC values Scripture as authoritative in every way to its conduct and actions. Scripture is the foundation that we develop all aspects of our being from. This authoritative view of scripture permeates every aspect of our church life and ministries. 


MCC calls for authenticity in its leadership, staff, ministries and membership. We make every effort not to fall into the trap of faith as a facade. Real and authentic faith is messy, difficult, and costly but we celebrate these aspects of our faith because they make the reward of our faith that much more valuable and rich. 

Faith Being Represented in Daily Life Not Only At Church

MCC believes that real Christian faith cannot be truly lived out only while at church. We encourage Christians to live out their faith in real ways in their real lives. Each and every day is an opportunity to show the love of Christ and we are a church that encourages its people to not box in their faith within the confines of the church building but to express faith without limitations.

Calling Others Into Faith in Jesus

At MCC we know it is vital to express the Love of Jesus in many ways through service, worship, acts of kindness, evangelism, and discipleship.  In every aspect of our church's ministry we have a heart for those who have not yet placed their faith in Jesus as Savior and redeemer.  While MCC is a safe place to investigate the Christian faith for those who have not place their faith in Jesus there is always the imperative to show everyone that God is calling them into his family.